Pimples are very irritating just the idea of having these tiny little infections in skin pores disgusts many of us. No matter you are young teenager or adult acne has no mercy for anyone, it treats everyone as badly as it can. Basically pimples occur due to the presence of bacterium that are found on the surface of our skin. I know and understand how hard it is to actually go out and meet people with a face full of pimples and what most of use do in order to help get rid of pimples faster is we try to break them by squeezing them hard. This is the main reason why it keeps coming back to us, breaking your pimples will allow the bacterium on the outer surface of your skin to spread underneath your skin and eventually this will cause the growth of more pimples. Squeezing pimples may also result in scars which can be never treated this is exactly not the way to get rid of pimples. You may ask how to get rid of pimples without causing any other serious harm? Well, following are five very easy tips that can answer your question of how to get rid of pimples most easily without causing it to hit back again, but make sure you follow these tips as mentioned, otherwise you cannot expect satisfying results.

You might come across many tips claiming to help you get rid of the pimples but trust me the following are some of the most effective and proven tips that can really help you understand how to get rid of pimples.


You wont believe it but actually toothpaste is really effective to discourage the swelling of your pimple. You can simply apply it on your pimple while you are going to bed and the next morning you will be amazed to see the difference and the magic that happened overnight. Not only will it reduce the swelling of your pimple but may also cause it to disappear the very next morning.


Take an ice cube and keep it on your pimple a few times in a day this will reduce the swelling of your pimple resulting in a much lesser noticeable pimple.


Trust me this can really work, all you need to do is take a clove of garlic and massage it on your face for about a week, make sure you don’t skip a day, and by the end of the week you will see the results on your own.


Cleansing is very important factor that helps to reduce the occurrence of pimples, you must user a proper cleanser and purify your skin daily, this helps to keep your skin clean and avoid the existence of bacteria that causes pimples.


Try not to eat junk food or more oily food, oil foods are the most probable cause of the acne on your skin, therefore try to eat fresh vegetables and fruits or food with relatively less oil. Also try to drink more water, greater intake of water results in purifying your skin and removes toxins from the body.