acne pimples mark-minWe at KNOW how hard it is to live with red blotchy pimples.

We’re just two geeky young adults (Mark and Min) who grew so SICK of having pimples ruin our social lives that we had to get together and start a site about it once Min found some cures that worked for her.

But first, we tried what seemed like every method out there for getting rid of pimples – and once we found what worked and what didn’t, we needed to share it online here on our humble little blog.

You can read more about our experiences and the foolproof 6 steps to clearer skin that we discover on our homepage How to Get Rid of Acne.

Read along as we publish articles, methods, stories on people who have successfully overcome the problems of pimples.

And remember, pimples and acne are NEVER permanent.  You CAN overcome if you know what you’re doing.

Feel free to email us your success story, pictures, or whatever–or feel free to make a comment below.