The Food and Drug Association of America has by now approved 3 types of birth control pills to treat acne. All the 3 contains a blend of these hormones called estrogen and progestin. Such hormones can lower the level of sebum production among women, which results in lesser acne. Such types of treatments are generally considered if other treatments (like topical options) fail. There are drawbacks as well, however. For instances, there is no guarantee that it’ll work properly. Moreover, anybody on birth control pills actually deals in the risk of some side effects, which can range from simple headache and nausea to unusually high levels of blood pressure. Females with some special types of health conditions (e.g. heart diseases, troubled blood clots) should not use solutions like oral contraceptives. Rather, they should look up how to get rid of acne in a more reasonable and risk-free way. If you aren’t comfortable with hormone based treatments either, you should look up more natural remedies for this. Do not feel lost while trying to find how to get rid of acne, as there are many ways you can get rid of acne. Okay, so this might not at all be any realistic option to your stressful Monday evening, but you got the point.

If you are not cautious, getting worried about acne can give you more acne. Many people actually notice a clear link that existing between the feel of stress and they experience that they are involuntarily triggering further acne breakouts. In some instances of stress related behaviors surely contribute to poor skin health. Good examples are lack of exercise, occasionally touching the face out of nervousness, not bathing regularly, not maintaining enough hygiene and being in poor diet (some researchers tend to go back and forth while trying to manipulate the role of their diet in the acne problem. However, the chemical reaction of the body to stress can actually play a huge role in the overall appearance of your skin. When someone undergoes stress, his hypothalamus prompts the other cells for producing as well as releasing stress hormones and cortisol is a significant one among those. Such hormones will actually prepare you for the “fight-or-flight” situation, which quickens your heart rate, your perception turns sharper, while your skin starts producing more and more oil. The oil called sebum comes out by the glands that are found within your hair follicles. It actually travels up and off your skin’s hair follicle and it takes the dead cells with it. As it reaches your skin surface and it ultimately forms a shielding coating. As sebum and the dead skin cells are backed up within the follicle, which is because of two key reasons. The first reason could be, something on your skin surface has somehow blocked up the pore (e.g. makeup, dirt). The second reason holds that, there is an elevated creation of sebum (that occurs in puberty). When we get stressed out, the sebum levels are boosted, and the skin pays a price.