Many people try to ransack the online resources to figure out how to get rid of acne. But unfortunately, many of them miss out the real thing here. In our daily life, we become vulnerable to acne problems just because we do not understand that our lack or hygiene and skin maintenance is causing the acne problems. This article has some simple tips for those who want to find out how to get rid of acne. First things first you can use the ice pack treatment. At each and every thirty-minute interval, you will apply a small sized ice pack to your pimple affected areas. Try and hold it onto the affected areas and keep going for around two minutes. This radically lowers the skin’s swelling or redness. This will also help you in shrinking the level o inflammation or and pain that a times comes along with your acne problem.

To deal with your acne problem, you can consider using a concealer. Remember that the name concealer is not for nothing! Just cover up your pimple using a mild light dose of fresh and flesh-tinted concealer to mask the pimple affected areas when you are in a big hurry. It’ll also help you cover up the oily shine. Try to cleanse up your skin two or three times every day using mild and unscented soap. You can also use a special acne cleanser with no harmful or harsh chemicals (e.g. lye). Consider scrubbing your skin mildly using an exfoliating pad / washcloth. However, you need to avoid rubbing those too hard. Or else, you might end up sapping the skin of the natural oils that help repel the buildup as you would expect. Consider applying a cream / ointment that contains benzyl peroxide (you can also use on with salicylic acid).

Today, there are numerous over-the-counter or OTC acne medicines containing these ingredients. This way, you can easily deal with the blemish if you use it around your whole face. Bear in mind that such ingredients come with a special tendency to actually dry out your skin – especially if you use them too much. You are supposed to consult a dermatologist before you head for the this kind of solutions. Do not play with your super sensitive skin. A good idea to deal with your acne problems is to wear an oil-free makeup when possible. Such kinds of makeup products have much less tendency to make the pore to miserably buildup (which can results into blemishes). You also need to ensure that your makeup is removed nightly and carefully cleanse those chemical products using an acne-fighting medicinal product to make sure that there is no dirt, oil or makeup from deep within your skin. If you are in steep need of a fast fix, using a small dab of typical toothpaste on your affected area before your bedtime can surely help you soothe the irritation and this can help you reduce your redness.