Unlike the ugly acnes people suffer from, ridding pimples seem to be an even more complex problem. Although acne is often dealt with pimples simultaneously, the former one is the more common problem. But this article will help you the most if you want to know how to get rid of pimples. The first and foremost thing that you should understand is that, it will simply backfire if you try to pop out a pimple. Popping pimples prematurely (i.e. before you’ll see a puss ready to burst your skin), could actually cause mild infections to your skin. A simple and little surgical removal procedure can help you out here. Pick a undersized sewing needle and one bottle of alcohol. Use a little gauze here (using a small sized band-aid can also do). Keep a bowl of lukewarm water handy. Don’t bother running a needle in the flame. Just rub it with some alcohol. Wash up your face / hands before you pop the pimple. Wash up your face. Your hands will make sure the makeup, oils, itchy germs / bacteria will get washed off. Dip into the alcohol first. For safe procedure, you need to apply some alcohol on your fingers and also on the pimple. Dab with a little gauze so you can get the area dried off.

The pimple’s white part needs to be pricked very lightly using the middle’s tip. When you have done this, place 2 tiny gauze squares on both sides of the pimple. Then apply some pressure using 2 fingers to make sure that the remainder puss gets squeezed off the pore. Retain pressure till you see clear liquids. As the clear liquid / blood appears, you know you’ve got rid of the pimple. Wipe off the pimple using a gauze pad soaked in alcohol. It might sting a bit, but this makes the spot germ free. You will be able to relax considering the fact that there is no infected pimple to strike back. If you want, put a small sized, sterile band aid onto the area. It could also help if you just cover up using some sort of antibacterial concealer.

No matter what you do, avoid picking at the skin, as you could end up getting it infected. Some people end up with delayed healing problems and irritating unsightly scarring. Some dermatologists perform extractions. However, that is okay as they have special training for doing that. You’re not. No matter what you do, you do want to avoid causing further damages into your skin as you try and rush results. Among the remedies we mentioned, the most important one is perhaps keeping yourself clean and healthy, so that your skin looks healthy too!

A great solution here could be to consider visiting the dermatologists’. Sometimes breakout has to be reduced immediately and the dermatologist could administer some sort of cortisone shot. This’ll reduce the pimple’s size right away. It generally disappears in 24 hrs or so. This kind of shot can take only a couple of seconds, but are somewhat painful. Sometimes dermatologists combine cortisone shots with microdermabrasion or some sort of chemical peel for boosting the effectiveness of it. For people who want to know how to get rid of pimples, this could be the right answer after all!