Your body has many organs. And skin is the largest organ. It does way more than merely preventing you from spreading out throughout your body. Skin cells constantly replace themselves, which makes a journey right from the inside edge of the epidermis (e.g. the outermost layer of the skin) to the outer side of the skin. As the skin cell starts to age and starts to approach the surface of the skin, the skin’s dying cell actually flattens out. And once onto the surface, it’ll join innumerable dead skin cells to form a shielding layer which can help protect the person from different type of bacteria or viruses. Before you understand how to get rid of acne, you should understand these things. Inside the hair follicles, there’re small sized glands that produce oil (i.e. sebum). It is a special kind of oil that mixes up with your skin cells within the follicle. It joins them while they are on the journey to the outer side. But as there is too much of sebum, there are too many of the dead skin cells (there could be something onto the surface), which blocks up their departure from the hair follicle, this could result into a blockage. In most of the cases, the bacteria join the rest of the party. As an end result, you get acne vulgaris – which happens to be the most typical type of acne. While acne regularly affects teens, but anybody of any age could be the victim. Even babies can have it. While some people want to know how to get rid of acne in the healthiest way, others just end up with instinctual responses — picking at their acnes. To make things worse, they rub it. This makes the acne really horrible and the victim becomes bound to cancel his or her social engagements. Remember that such kind of raw actions will not help the situation at all. But the good thing is that, there’re a number of treatments that available that really can offer you a healthier solution. So what are the most viable options that you could do for getting rid of your acne? True, this might sound a little too basic, but here’s the fact… rather than trying to find out how to get rid of acne, you should just first make sure that you are keeping both your hands off the face. This tip is too simple tip, but this one is the most important one. If you wish your facial skin to have a lovely look, then you need to stop touching and poking it. This sounds easy, huh? Well, most people are not aware of how frequently we keep touching our face. People relieve itches and it is common to wipe the lip and people keep scratching their ears. It is really alarming how often people keep pawing at their face. They thing is that, you might feel the downright feral after all. As prevention is better than cure, you should keep these tips in mind.