Most individuals start experiencing an acne breakout during their puberty years caused by hormonal changes inside their body together with the secretion of abnormally high levels of oil by the testosterone which ends up blocking the pores present all over your skin.

Due to the blockage of the pores, the skin is unable to cleanse the dead cells accumulating inside. This accumulation of dead skin cells in the pores is what is blamed for an acne breakout. But at the same time, not only individuals in their puberty years suffer from acne, but people from all ages can be affected by it, and the reasons are various.

Acne may be caused by the rapid shedding of dead skin cells which leads to accumulation in the skin pores which ultimately blocks the opening. The dead skin cells pile up and start reacting with oil and provides a great breeding ground for bacterial development which ultimately leads to acne.

Another reason behind acne is genetic, that is heredity can have a huge role to play in an acne breakout, and you should keep this fact in mind especially if anyone in your family, most importantly your parents, also suffered from a severe acne breakout. Hormonal imbalance has also been blamed for acne breakouts, and this occurs either due to your diet and lifestyle or because of hormonal changes taking place inside your body when you are an adult, especially in the case of pregnant and menstruating women.

The presence of acne can be very embarrassing and a source of discomfort, especially in the case of those individuals who are in their teen years. All affected people are always searching for effective ways to get rid of acne once and for all, and would go to any extend to help them with this problem. Most consult their dermatologists which also should be the first step towards finding a solution to get rid of acne.

The dermatologist would be in a better position to explain as to what has caused the acne in the first place, and will prescribe you with certain treatments together with medications to cure your breakout. Secondly, you should concentrate on personal hygiene and wash your face at least twice a day on a daily basis with water. Use a glycerin or sorbitol based face cleansing soap which will definitely help in preventing the production of excessive oil on your skin while ensuring the natural oils are not destroyed.

Avoid touching your face at all times, and always wash your hands after you come back home from somewhere or after performing some task and after you have had your meal. Your fingers are amongst the dirtiest areas of your body, and contain a lot of bacteria and other microbes, which will get a great opportunity to transfer onto your face if you touch.

Also, the dirt may cause inflammation and infection on your skin, and further worsen it. Thirdly, eat healthy food. Your overall health is a reflection of your eating habits and lifestyle, and therefore avoid eating greasy and sugary food together with junk food. They also cause acne breakout. The above steps will really help you in dealing with your acne problem successfully.