acne pimples blackhead-removal-tipsIn order to know how to deal with something, you need to know what exactly it is.

So, if you want to know how to get rid of blackheads, we first need to tell you what these irritating little spots are.

The technical name of blackheads is comedones. They are actually small plugs with a lot of dirt in them caused by oily skin.

Often confused a being the same with whiteheads, they are two different things, even though they seem to be caused by the same factor, oily skin.

The blackheads are actually caused by excess oil on your skin. When the skin is not capable of allowing the oil to flow in an even layer, the blackheads appear, either caused by the contact of a large amount of oil with the air or by dust and dirt that is practically glued to the oil in your skin pores. So, the treatment would be rather simple, at least in theory.

Unfortunately, there is no real treatment for blackheads besides going to a beauty shop and having an employee there pop all of them out. However, blackheads can be prevented from appearing if they haven’t already.

Preventing Blackheads With An Acne Treatment

acne pimples exposed-skincare-full-reviewFor example, you can simply wash your face using a special soap that stops the build up of oil under your skin.

We recommend Exposed Skincare which, primarily an acne treatment, is also effective at preventing blackheads.

It does this by keeping your pores clean and unblocked and lowering your body’s natural production of the sebum and oils which cause blackheads in the first place.

Further, you can also control the build up of oil using medication. There seems to be a correlation between hormone imbalance and this excess oil that can be found on your skin.

Controlling the hormonal imbalance is simple, but the downside is that you will need to take the medicine for a longer period of time. In some cases, you might need to follow a more thorough treatment that could include regular visits to your doctor.

Besides squeezing the pores and popping the blackheads out, you can also use a product that is similar to the wax strips that the ladies use. These strips contain a very strong adhesive that only adheres to the blackheads. However, you will need to use a lot of these strips and after you are done, you will need to follow a thorough skin care treatment such as that offered by Exposed Skincare to make sure that it stays healthy and that the oil issue never returns.

Finally, blackheads can disappear on their own at some point without any kind of input on your behalf.

Sometimes the hormonal imbalance that causes the production of excess oil cures itself and one morning, when you wake up and take a look in the mirror you will notice that your blackheads are gone. However, this is pretty rare to occur, so I wouldn’t bet on it.

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