Are you wondering how to get rid of pimples? Well, there is good news for you as there are some nice and natural ways to rid your pimples. First things first, you should build a habit of drinking lots of water. Water gives you all round health. It’ll clean up your body from inside in many ways. The harmful toxins will go off the body. Scientific researches have shown that drinking lots of water help you keep your skin healthy. It improves the overall complexion of your skin as well. It helps eliminate your pimples and acnes. So you need to build a habit of drinking 8 (eight) glasses of water every day for making the most out of this. If you ask a beauty expert how to get rid of pimples with a home remedy, you can find numerous avenues. A good remedy is the cucumber juice. Mix it with lettuce juices and the juices of carrot and alfalfa. You could apply it on your face. Let the remedy stay on your face for around 10 minutes. Then just rinse gently and thoroughly.

Get home some tomatoes. Crush one up. Use the pulp. Apply it on your pimple or acne. Allow that pulp to do the thing it is supposed to – at least for 30 minutes or so. After this, you can just rinse the whole thing off using lukewarm water. That is the way you could shun acne in a natural way without any expense. Another good way to purse would be to prepare a home remedy by rushing up a little bit of mint leaves. Get their juices out and apply it on the face. Leave it like that for some minutes. It is perhaps equally effective if you do the same using a mixture of toothpaste. But stay away from gel. Whatever you do, do not try to pick or squeeze the pimples. This could cause further acne attacks and in fact worsens the problem. Besides, in no way this can help you shun the problem.

Try and learn some effective avenues for managing your stressed out life. Acne often time shrikes when you get stressed out. When you are going through stresses every so often, there are some negative hormonal changes within the body. This is perhaps the reason there are many teens affected. Getting lots of sleep could help. Same goes for regular workout routines as sweating invigorates your skin cells and the sweat that comes out clears the bottom of the microscopic pours on the skin. This helps you in many ways. You can get significant results if you just go on mixing fresh water with some baking soda till it transforms into a paste. Now gently massage the paste onto your face. Do this for half a minute. Then rinse off this thoroughly. This’ll hopefully play the role of a natural exfoliate that gets rid of the dead skin and/or oil causing acne.