Acne is what most of the teenagers fear a lot about because they show right their face! Acne is not just a teenager’s problem anymore, this can occur at all ages. So, keep a watch on possible acne breakouts and save your face!

In case of your negligence you may have to keep hiding your face!! Don’t just keep harping upon the string of how to get rid of acne all the time; it’s more important that you find effective ways to prevent them as well! Why should we forget the wise suggestion – Prevention is better than cure.

Instead of suffering after an acne outburst let’s devise ways to keep acne away.

1. Live a healthy life:

Bad habits such as drinking too much alcohol or too much sugary or caffeinated and carbonated beverages, smoking and sun tanning should always be avoided. Too much of bad habits would result in nasty things getting accumulated in your pores and causing blockages which would eventually lead to acne.

Living a healthy life is the key to avoid not just acne but many of the major body ailments. Practice healthy ways of living such as eating more of natural foods instead of processed foods, exercising regularly, drinking enough amounts of water regularly, getting a fair bit of sleep during the night, managing your stress levels carefully and willfully. All these practices play a major role in creating a healthy body and a healthy skin as well. The more you lead a healthy life the healthier would be your skin.

2. Develop a healthy food habit:

Vitamin A is highly effective against acne, and is contained in synthetic form in several anti-acne drugs. It should never be taken in large doses, and should be avoided by pregnant women. To increase your vitamin A intake it is perfectly safe to eat food rich in beta carotene. Try munching carrot sticks or dried apricots as a snack and replace sugar filled cakes and puddings with a fruit salad made with mango, melon and peaches.

Because zinc helps to prevent infection, it is useful against acne; and acidophilus the bacteria in live yogurt, also helps to prevent spots. Eating vitamin E rich foods may assist healing and reduce scarring. Sea food rich in zinc such as oysters and crabs, shrimps and prawns could be a healthy diet for your skin.

Healthy skin depends on the growth and renewal of cells. Vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant is a vital part of this process. Vitamin C, another antioxidant, is crucial to the production of collagen. Vitamin C is easily destroyed in cooking; it is advised to consume raw fruits and vegetables. Vitamin E and B12 are necessary for growth and cell division, they enable the skin to grow and replace dead cells with new ones. Any proteins from an animal source are a rich source of vitamin B.

Practice a healthy living and select your food judiciously; make proper planning to make an apt diet that would promote your overall health.

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