It is not an easy thing to get rid of pimples. The first thing that you need to know about how to get rid of pimples is that it’s a gradual process. First you have to drink a lot of water. If you drink water your skin will become healthy and will be pimples free. You have to wash your face frequently so that no oil and dirt can take place on your skin. Don’t use harsh soap. Always try to use mild soap as your skin is very sensitive. Apply some toothpaste softly on your new pimple. This is the most accurate and easy answer of how to get rid of pimples.  Don’t wash it till morning. In the morning wash it out with soap. It will stop swelling from the pimples and gives it a dryer look. Apply cucumber juice with the help of a cloth. Place it for thirty minutes on your skin. This will give your skin a fresh and healthy look. Take a lemon and squeeze out its juice. Apply it on your skin. You may feel some pain. In order to soften the effect you can use some rose petals with it. Comphor powder is a noteworthy treatment for pimples. You will find this powder at your nearest grocery shop. Mix this powder with coconut oil and apply it on your pimples. Keep it for some while and wash it away. You will get the results quickly. Orange pills are also very effective for the treatment of pimples .Put the orange pill over your pimples. Orange has collagen. It will fight against the bacteria responsible for having pimples. The oldest method for pimples treatment is sulphur preparation. It acts as disinfectants. It is a temporary process. The pimples will come back after they disappeared for sometime. Reduce your mental stress. A lot of stress increase cortisol level in our body which is responsible for having pimples. You can also try some antioxidants to get rid of pimples. Green tea is a good kind of antioxidants. It will not only help to reduce inflammation of pimples but also helps to boost up your skin. No heavy makeup will be allowed to you while you are suffering from them. Use only natural cosmetics .No oily and junk food should be taken at this stage. You can also use a good anti pimple product. In your product salicylic acid must be present. It helps to dry up your skin. You should take exercise regularly. It will improve blood circulation in your body and to remove toxins from body. Go in the sun. Small amount of sunrays is good for curing pimple, because sunlight kills the bacteria which are responsible for having pimples. The important tips are that don’t burst your pimples. It will cause severe breakout of pimples and it can cause permanent scratch on your face. How to get rid of pimples is the burning question among the teenagers and the answer of this question is above mentioned process.

Clean and clear skin is the aim of all human being. Pimples are great hindrance in this way. So, try to be pimple free in a scientific method. By taking balanced and healthy diet you can do it very easily. If you follow the above mentioned processes you need not to ask again how to get rid of pimples.