The skin is one of our five sense organs and is also the largest organ of our body. Now a days due to higher grades of environment pollution our skin is constantly exposed to potential dangers of being infected by some skin diseases.

Sebum in our skin produces some kind of oil to maintain its texture; overproduction of this oil could lead to a bacterial infection resulting in the occurrence of Acne on our skin.

Most of us believe that teenagers are the one who are most affected by Acne, but there are instances that even babies sometimes get affected by Acne. Occurrence of Acne normally disturbs us a lot; we tend to squeeze it out which results in a scar on our skin.

Sometimes we avoid most of the public appearances just because of Acne on our face; the occurrence of Acne could be such an irritation. But don’t get carried away, there are some sure ways to get rid of acne. Try these natural and simple remedies out to ease out the problem.

1. Wash and cleanse your skin at least two times a day with fresh water:

Acne is the result of blockage of our skin pores with excessive production of sebum oil. Once you manage to remove this blockage, the infection could be controlled. Take care to avoid harmful chemicals in soaps that you use.

Harmful soaps could leave your skin dry and lifeless. Prefer a mild cleanser to wash your face; fresh water is the best natural cleanser. Limit washing your skin to two times a day, once at the start of the day and next at the end of your day is just enough. Use a fresh and dry towel to gently press on your skin; do not over do the scrubbing, it only aggravates the problem.

2. Drink more water:

Apart from any regular medication, it is essential that you take ample amounts of fresh water to get rid of Acne faster for sure. Taking regular smaller intakes of water amounting up to two and a half litres a day is recommended to maintain a healthy fluid balance in our body.

Water has the repairing effects on improper production of sebum oil and also controls hormone imbalance. This innate character of water comes in handy in curing most of the Acne problems.

3. Watch what you eat and don’t eat:

Acne could be aggravated due to what you eat often too much or what you don’t eat at all. Many processed foods such as burgers and crisps contain large amounts of salt, and chips are heavily salted. If you suffer from Acne, you should cut down on processed and refined foods and also avoid adding salt to your meals.

Acne is also caused by what you don’t eat. Many teenagers have a diet based on sweets, snacks, fast foods and fizzy drinks or even alcohol; this deprives of them of the key vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy skin. A diet based on whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat and some polyunsaturated oils would considerably reduce their Acne.

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