Have you tried every other tip and technique to help you know how to get rid of pimples but still could not succeed? Well, you definitely need to read this article then, this is probably the unique way to help you know how to get rid of pimples overnight and the most amazing thing is that it does not involve any extra effort you can easily do this at home on your own with the things that are most easily accessible. Before I start with the tips to help you in how to get rid of pimples there is this advice I would like all of you to know please do not pop your pimples, this is the only reason why your acne keeps coming back to you, therefore if you really wish to know the permanent solution to end up the occurrence of your pimples the first thing you need to do is just stop popping them, once you are good with this you can follow the steps in this article and witness the results on your own.

First of all you need to open up your freezer and crush a lot of ice, you need to make a ice bag, put the crushed ice inside the aluminum foil and then into an air tight plastic bag. The idea is to make your ice bag as cold as possible, once done place it inside the freezer again and meanwhile you can wash your face with a oil free face wash or soap, make sure your skin has no oil left on it, if you have extra oily skin try to wash your face twice so that there is just no place for oil to stick on your skin. Towels dry your skin softly without rubbing it. Remember rubbing your skin with the towel is also a reason why you can get pimples therefore you needed to be gentle with your skin.

Once you have prepared your face for the action take out the ice bag form the freezer, if the crushed ice has formed the lump try to crush it again since that is how you need it. Wrap a thin cloth over it so that is good with your skin. Make sure you use a clean cloth otherwise it may cause more pimples. Now you need to place the ice bag over the pimple that has to be treated if you have several ones then you can make a bigger ice bag so that is covers the entire affected area. You need to hold the ice bag still at the same position for at least ten minutes. This is very necessary if you will move or rub the ice bag over your face it will carry out the bacteria to the other part of the skin, which is still clean and may result in forming more pimples. I know it may feel very cold on your skin initially but soon after a few minutes your skin will go numb and you will stop feeling anything so try to stick to it for as long as you can. The ice will actually freeze out your pore and force the oil and dirt to come out of it and as a result you will have a cleaner and anti bacterial skin. Repeat this process every four hours and you will notice great change.