Usually there are different problems posed by the mechanisms related to getting rid of pimples than from getting rid of acne. The whole procedure followed for removing the two is entirely different. Although both these problems are almost of the same kind yet there are some clear differences between the two. These differences are related to the causes, developmental procedure and time span, removal methods and possible repercussions. But before getting into their removal method, one should know how to get rid of pimples first. Sometimes people cure them by just controlling their diet. Others have to face a lot of problems in terms of their skin types and health issues.

Usually pimples and acne are taken as the same thing. But in medical terms acne is more commonly used. Pimples can be controlled without any help or prescription from the physician. There is no need to take any medications from the doctor in order to cure the pimples. However if a person has the problem of pimples at occasional basis then it is considered wise to visit a doctor and take a complete course of treatment. Other than that various prescriptions and cures are also given on the magazine layouts about how to get rid of pimples. On the other hand for those having a serious problem of acne, it is advised to read and follow the instructions given in various articles about the acne control and cure.

Even after caring for the skin, if someone develops the pimples then it is required to follow certain precautionary measures and treatment options. Most of the people pop up their pimple just after it appears on the skin. This is strictly forbidden by both the dermatologists and beauticians. If you pop up your pimple in the premature stage, you can cause the mild infection to appear on the skin. This further worsens the situation. The reason behind this is that until a spot of pus appears on the pimple, means that body and blood cells are still working on it. Therefore one should not indulge at that time. This is one of the most important information pieces among how to get rid of pimples.

Sometimes a small level surgical procedure is needed to be carried out on the pimple if it gets too much enlarged. But one should not worry as this can be carried out in person. The only thing you require is the needle, a bottle of alcohol, some gauze and some warm water. However there is certainly a need to sterilize the needle before piercing through the pimple. For that purpose many people suggest to pass it through the flame. But rubbing it with alcohol can also help achieve the objective of sterilization. This is the very domestic method of how to get rid of pimples.

Washing of face and hands is also necessary in order to remove all the germs, dirt, sweat, makeup particles and other debris. After dipping the needle in alcohol it is pierced in the pimple and pus is squeezed out with two fingers.