There are many ways of how to get rid of acne. You can use natural ways of treatment. One can use acne spot treatment which is the use of natural products in healing the Acne. This is through topical application or external treatment. Oral treatment can also be used.  Oral acne treatment involves the use of oral medication.

The most popular type of treatment is spot treatment.  This is majorly attributed to the global shifting towards use of natural remedies in curing of conditions and diseases.  Spot treatment eliminates the chemicals and toxins. Chemicals and toxins promote acne growth. Consequently, spot treatment has less side effects than oral treatment.

Benzoyl peroxide is one of the best treatment methods of getting rid of acne.

How does acne come about?

Acne skin disorder arises from the growth of a kind of bacteria in the skin cells. This is promoted by inadequate oxygen in the underlying skin tissues. Acne bacteria cannot survive in oxygenated area. Areas which are oxygenated are not conducive for acne.  Benzoyl peroxide basically increases oxygen to the areas on the skin.  The chemical product exists in two forms.

These are the cream and washes.  Both the two have functional effects on the body. The facial cleanser cleans sebum from the pores on skin.  There are also other chemical components which increase efficiency of cleansing of clogged pores.  They have glycolic acid.

It is the supply of oxygen to affected areas that gets rid of acne. You should start with topical application.  The benzoyl peroxide comes in many ways depending on size, shapes and strengths. There are those that come in form of cleansing bars which is used like soap.  There is also soapless liquid wash formulation, liquid cleanser, acetone gel, greaseless washable lotion, acetone free gel and alcohol. You can choose the one that is more effective for you.

The gels have alcohols and acetone which causes dry skin. On the contrary, the creams and oil based lotions do not cause dry skin. When the results are drier, the healing is more effective.

However, these dry healing products are at times more irritating.  There are many side effects associated with benzoyl peroxide which include pealing of skin, slight drying, mild stinging, feeling of warmth and mild redness. They are very normal side effects which do not indicate any major problem.

These reactions are varied to different people. The recommended starting application is 2.5% strength on alternate days. Conduct a face trial first in order to ascertain if there is any reaction. If there is no reaction, you can start applying it daily and further two times a day later on. When this treatment is well used, the healing will take place much faster.

Benzoyl peroxide is the most effective drug you can use delivering fast results.  It has meager side effects which do not require any serious treatment. You can only discontinue application if the effects become too bothersome.

You can now choose the kind of treatment that you can use to get rid of acne. Laser treatment is also available in adverse effects only. Otherwise you can use natural remedies or benzoyl peroxide.