Do you want to know how to get rid of acne? Well, answer one question first. Do understand the nature of your problem? You first have to thoroughly understand your acne problem. Otherwise you might end up adopting a remedy or treatment that backfires. Not all types of acne problems will fit the scope of this article. But we will shed some lights on the common ones. First in the list is Acne Rosacea. As the other kinds of acne are marked by miserable redness or irritations instead of swells, whiteheads and blackheads, this type is pretty unique. Fortunately, the typical remedies that work for the other types of acnes will also work for this acne. Actually, the most of the sufferers get away with typical pimples remedies that are used in most other acne types, provided that the remedy is applied right. Then again, you need to exercise some extra care for dealing with this kind of acne as well. And if your skin is suffering from Acne Rosacea type complications, you must at all costs avoid letting your skin from getting overexposed to the sun, since it might aggravate this kind of acne further.

Pharmacies these days offer different types of OTC acne remedies, most of which are salicylic oriented creams used with antibiotic injections. Fortunately, all of these remedies are meant to help people overcome acne. But these solutions aren’t in any way super inexpensive. You should still look up for the homemade remedies before you go for those OTC solutions. There are different kinds of examples we can draw regarding such homemade remedies when it comes to curing your acne. But almost all these remedies have some ingredients in common. Good examples of such elements are vinegar, ground nutmeg w/ milk and things like that. But you will also find great solutions if you mid turmeric powder with mint juice. Let us also not forget the sheer effectiveness of mixing orange peel paste and water.

But as you look up answer to the question how to get rid of acne, you need to carefully remember this simple note… splashing on those OTC chemicals that you get from pharmacists might only turn out to be short range solutions. On the other hand the homemade remedies are free from side effects and you can keep using them on a longer haul. If you really want your acne problem to be solved permanently, you got to eradicate the root causes of it. Though you might not have a total control on your oiliness or on your genetic bias towards acne, there’re things which you can find within your reach, there are some positive changes that you can introduce in your life. In most of the cases, you can cure it from the root with a proper diet, some exercises and most importantly – some solid stress management strategies. If you are not already informed, try to get yourself educated regarding the personal hygiene basics.