If you want to get rid of acne – in fact, if you are ransacking the web trying to figure out how to get rid of acne easily – you got to have the attitude to stick to the basics. You need to understand that you need to be healthy overall for a healthy skin that is free from acne effects. It is absolutely advisable and you could find leveraged results if you can use a mild and suitable facial cleanser. But, there is a word of caution that you have to bear in mind here. Make sure that you do not wash off your face which can leave it scaly and miserably dry. A much better idea here would be to use some sort of cleanser in combination with a salicylic acid portion. This is very much advisable by modern day dermatologists. You need to find something that can naturally help your skin for cleansing away the excessive oil that remains on your face. This can naturally help you in eradicating your acne fast – if not overnight. Have you heard of acne soaps? Some of the modern day soaps are excellent and are simply best suited when it comes to treating a highly oily skin. But when you have washed your face, remember to use a dry towel to dry off your face. Then again, you can find excellent results by using some sort of ice treatments that many men and women use for skin treatment. Use some normal ice that we get from the fridge. Carefully damp it on your pimple at least for some minutes. However, you got to ensure that you are not applying straight on these pimples. Instead, you can just wrap it up in a piece of clean cloth. You could also consider using a thin coating of cotton. The process has to be followed for around 15 minutes or so following which the pimples are likely to subside. It is also a great idea if you consider using a solution that contains Benzoyl Peroxide. This element – Benzoyl Peroxide – has the capacity to kills the infective bacteria. Acne related bacterial attacks can trigger the inflammation of your skin pores. We do hope you can realize how effectual it could be to get some mild cure for acne. Today, a great majority of the OTC products containing Benzoyl Peroxide could be simply obtained at the local stores. However, at times it could call for a prescription of some sort when it’s a concentration beyond 5%. Products with equal to or more than 5% Benzoyl Peroxide could be applied on face alright, but you will be better if consulting a dermatologist before you start using these kinds of things. However, a thicker concentration intensity of 10% could be utilized on all other areas of your body – especially if they are affected by severe acne. Remember that all round health is the key in most of the cases. If you are healthy overall with a healthy skin tone, you will hopefully step out of your acne problem naturally. And you won’t feel lost wondering how to get rid of acne.